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R & D

R&D Goals
Acquiring special know-how of chemical technologies and the cradle of the outstanding individuals.

Demonstrate exceptional know-how of chemical technologies and foster exceptional talent
Since its establishment in 1970, SAMJOONG has never settled and has instead focused on
developing proprietary technology and a competitive R&D program as well as working jointly
with other developed markets. Our R&D Center develops specialty chemicals for the Institute
for Architecture and serves as the central location of our new product development. Here, we
refine existing products while also thinking about how our products contribute to technology
on a macro level. With increasing market demand and the need to increase reliable supply and
improve quality, we prepared for industrial expansion by building up mass production at our
manufacturing sites and ramping up R&D at our technical center

R&D Competencies

  • · New Products development
       (Functional sealants, water repellant & waterproofing agents with exceptional durability and weatherability)
  • · Cross-institutional collaboration with industry and education to create joint R&D projects
  • · Quality improvement of constructional chemical products (waterproofing, flooring, sealants, and more)
  • · Joint R&D through technical partnerships and joint ventures with companies in non-Asian markets
  • · Developing optimal holistic efficiency in the production process, using case studies on field construction and
       continuous process improvement
  • · The latest quality control techniques and application research for existing products
  • · Continuous outreach and education to clients and consumers to increase awareness of proper use and
       understanding of construction products

R&D organization

organization pic

Headquarters, 1st Factory : Choongchungnam-do Yesan-Gun Goduck-Myun Tedandsandan 4-Gil 19     T.041.967.4447/ F.041.967.1821
2nd Factory : Choongchungbuk-do Eumsung-Gun Soi-Myun Gapsan-ro 196     T.043.878.4447/ F.043.873.4452
Seoul Office : Gyounggi-do Goyang-Si Duckyang-Gu Hwashin-ro 260-bungil 58 (Hwajung-Dong) Vision Plaza 8 floor     T.031.908.4447     F.031.908.1821
Technical department     T.041.967.4447     F.041.967.1821