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Company Profile

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- Since its foundation in 1970 as SAMJOONG Chemical Engineering Co., SAMJOONG has become an industry leader in paint thinners and industrial cleaners. SAMJOONG has become an industry leader in paint thinners and industrial cleaners. SAMJOONG has cultivated client trust through exceptional products, and currently supplies high quality waterproofing, flooring, and sealant materials to local construction companies. The Incheon-Namdong industrial park (1994), technical center (2000), and Chungcheongbuk-do Eunsung (2004) manufacturing sites reflect SAMJOONG’s investment in advanced iterative R&D and a high-tech automation production system. In addition to KS and ISO 9001 certificates, SAMJOONG has received various business awards, industry awards, and national recognition awards. Most notably, SAMJOONG was selected as an INNO-BIZ company by the Small & Medium Business Administration in 2016. Since its foundation, SAMJOONG has released a wide range of new products in hybrid MS sealant and adhesive categories, including a hybrid MS polymer resin developed with patented technology, that are suitable for multipurpose and functionality in specialty industries. With the establishment of a new plant in Chungcheongnam-do Yesan, SAMJOONG is entering a new phase of economic development with a renewed commitment to being a small but strong business that provides the best industry products worldwide.

Management Ideology

SAMJOONG relentlessly aims for high and consistent client satisfaction, exceptional products, and investment in modern technology
through its core management ideology.

Be a company of the future
Constant innovation and fundamental know-how are requirements if a business is to strive for the best in their industry.
Connect with the global network
By tapping into opportunities abroad and investing in global business, SAMJOONG plans to be the leader of specialty chemicals in the world.
Open business
Transparency builds trust and trust builds business. Trust must be prioritized above all

Headquarters, 1st Factory : Choongchungnam-do Yesan-Gun Goduck-Myun Tedandsandan 4-Gil 19     T.041.967.4447/ F.041.967.1821
2nd Factory : Choongchungbuk-do Eumsung-Gun Soi-Myun Gapsan-ro 196     T.043.878.4447/ F.043.873.4452
Seoul Office : Gyounggi-do Goyang-Si Duckyang-Gu Hwashin-ro 260-bungil 58 (Hwajung-Dong) Vision Plaza 8 floor     T.031.908.4447     F.031.908.1821
Technical department     T.041.967.4447     F.041.967.1821