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Core results of R & D

Constructional Sealants

1) 1 component types urethane sealant development
2) Water based acrylic sealant development with excellent water-repellent characteristics
3) Fluoride hybrid urethane sealant development
4) General use & multiple purpose constructional sealant development

Water-repellent & water-proofing agents

1) Water-repellent & water-proofing agents
2) Acrylic type water based water-proofing material development

Paint thinners development

Improve adhesion strength for polyurethane and primer

Putty development (ultra-light weight, general use & automobile refinish use)

Development of water based wall paper paint for interior

Development of silicone-urethane hybrid MS sealants and adhesives

Headquarters, 1st Factory : Choongchungnam-do Yesan-Gun Goduck-Myun Tedandsandan 4-Gil 19     T.041.967.4447/ F.041.967.1821
2nd Factory : Choongchungbuk-do Eumsung-Gun Soi-Myun Gapsan-ro 196     T.043.878.4447/ F.043.873.4452
Seoul Office : Gyounggi-do Goyang-Si Duckyang-Gu Hwashin-ro 260-bungil 58 (Hwajung-Dong) Vision Plaza 8 floor     T.031.908.4447     F.031.908.1821
Technical department     T.041.967.4447     F.041.967.1821